I am Zsuzsanna Gyenge, a clinical psychologist and therapist training in schema therapy. In my practice, I work with both adults and children.

Each individual arrives with a different life story and personality traits, so I consider it essential to thoroughly explore the life conditions and difficulties of new patients, supplemented by psychological assessments if necessary.

Following the identification of the problem, we formulate goals and a plan, which I assist my clients in achieving with personalized methods and techniques.

In overcoming the difficulties of young children, I consider play, experiences, and consultation with parents to be of paramount importance. With adolescents and adults, facilitating supportive conversations, recognizing and becoming aware of emotions and thoughts, and acquiring effective coping strategies become increasingly important.

During therapy, I apply schema therapy and family therapy approaches, and if necessary, I teach relaxation techniques.

My professional training in psychology is from Semmelweis University in Budapest, where I previously worked in the child psychiatric department and then the adult clinical psychology outpatient clinic. Since 2020 I’ve been working in private practice as well. In my work, I consider it important to support those who come to me with tailored, proven effective methods, and to provide a supportive atmosphere.

I look forward to meeting you!